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Serving southeastern Virginia by coordinating the Emergency Medical Services for the region, Tidewater EMS Council plays an important role in ensuring that the highest levels of care, training and support are provided.


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Jun 23, 2020

We have been dealing with the corona virus and quarantine as a nation since March. At the time of this recording the state of Virginia is in phase two of reopening and it seems to be going well... no huge spikes in our numbers. But several states are seeing the numbers spike and are even talking about reissuing stay at home orders. Of course we all hope that does not happen ... that’s why we are still under a statewide mandate requiring anyone in an indoor public space to wear a face mask. We’re
being asked to maintain social distancing and keep at least six feet of space between us.. happy to say we are practicing all of those safety precautions here in our studio today because for the first time we actually have a guest who is joining us in person instead of on the phone. I’m happy to say the Director of Emergency Preparedness and Response for the City of Norfolk, Virginia Jim Redick is with us in the studio...